What is Vine ?

6-Tips-on-How-to-Use-Twitters-New-Vine-Video-App-for-MarketingThere is a new trend of capturing videos for everything and anything. But you can’t carry your camera all the time with you and also the smart phone may not have such a good quality of recording or making videos. To solve this very problem of making, recording and uploading such videos on the internet, there is an app made to make things convenient and easy. An app called as “Vine”, is a short form of video sharing service. It is extremely handy, simple to use and a great app that can be used by everyone.

What is Vine?

Vine is a recently developed app that is very handy in recoding and uploading videos. These can record unlimited short videos. These looping videos can be made up to a length of six seconds. It is a free app on Apple App Store and had debuted in January 2013. This is a very user friendly app and this has made it so popular among the smart phone users.

Due to the easy accessibility of vine app, it takes no time to make a video, viral. The minute the, users make or create a video clip, they share it with their friends and family and the chain goes on, this makes the video go viral. Uses record, music performances, comedy or prank videos, animation and many more. Companies also use their advertisements to brand their products and due to the immense popularity, even the ads and products on Viral Vine Clips become very popular in no time.

Top 4 Viners

Jerome Jarre King Bach Marcus Johns Nash Grier

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