Massive Leech Removed From Boy’s Throat

Leech-in-throatIt might sound very disturbing and even unbelievable to many if they were to hear that a live leech was removed from a young boy’s throat. How unnatural or unbelievable it might sound, but it is a fact. This incident took place in china when an 11-year boy complained about sore throat and dizziness every now and then.

This incidence started when a boy named Xiaboo Chien, first complained of sore throat. His mother started with common flu treatment for few days, but there was no improvement and instead he complained about black outs and dizziness every now and then. It was then his mother doubted about something more serious than a sore throat.

She took him to the hospital and doctors found out that there is something lodged in his windpipe. However they were not sure of what exactly it was. The doctors suggested operating it immediately. During the operation, to the doctor’s shock, they discovered a live leech attached to his respiratory windpipe. It was blocking his respiratory system and sucking blood from there, which was making him unconscious and causing frequent back out. But doctors were able o remove that leech without any complications and also there was no infection due to this.


The boy’s family then informed that a few days back he drank water from an open road side pond on his way back to home from school. And during that he must have swallowed leech larvae accidentally along with the water. Unbelievable? But this is true!


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