How To Lose Weight

Top-9-Ways-to-Lose-WeightLosing weight has never become so easy nowadays. However, not all dietary tips or exercise will work for everybody. Cutting those carbs and calories entails dedication and inspiration at the same time. To make it easy for you, we divided these fast and easy tips into three groups; Food Goals, Exercise Wise and Healthy Habits.

Food Goals

For you to lose weight, of course you need to cut loose of your eating consumption. First things first, make a list of what you eat for a week. This will let you keep track of your food intake as well as make changes if needed. Take fewer bites of your daily meal and wait until your stomach rumbles before reaching for food.


Avoid buying prepared food for this comes with lists of sugars and preservatives that adds up to your calorie intake. Might as well grab a fruit if you are really starving and if you dont have time to prepare. Indulge in veggies, not that we are suggesting you to be a vegetarian, just indulge rather chocolates. Let go of white foods as well. These amounts of carbohydrates from white flour and sugar can disturb your blood sugar and can lead to weight gain.


Small portions of food on your plate will definitely force you to take in less. Just make sure to serve your food on your plate rather on a platter.


Exercise Wise

Now that you know how to cut your eating habits, you need to burn those unnecessary fats. You need to have daily activities as much. A 10-minute walking up and down the stairs or a walk of five minutes for two hours can burn those flabs more than you can ever imagine. These short periods will help you take a break from your usual lazy afternoon or being such a potato couch.


For hardcore sweating spree, you can go for a 45 minute walk a day. It is best to buy a pedometer and clip it to your belt and aim for an extra 1000 steps.


Healthy Habits

Cutting and burning is helpful but with the help of maintenance and inspiration, losing weight will be as easy as one, two and three.


This might sound weird but staring at the color blue will suppress your starvation. Avoid looking at colors red and yellow too much for they encourage eating. Try to eat on front of mirrors as well for it will remind you of your goals and and standards in losing weight.


Eating with a large group of people will extend your eating time and your eating consumption. If its unavoidable due to family occasions and such, you can order the smallest portion of everything. This will keep you going and full most of the time.


And lastly, it is best if you brush your teeth after every meal, especially dinner. It will serve as a cue for your body that eating is over.


These are just tips. Getting a mantra is best. It will be very helpful if you will constantly remind yourself that you can lose weight and you can definitely do it. Perseverance and dedication is the key. Being healthy and keeping fit boosts your self confidence and will help you do great things in life. Live longer, eat healthy.

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