Ancient Chinese Cupping – Cure Yourself

cappingThough there are many over the counter medication available for common cold and cough but is it always so good to eat and gulp those mini chemical balls? May be not. But treatment is needed, if not chemicals then may be without chemicals. In the array of without chemical treatment, there is one prevalent from 100s of years is good old “Chinese Cupping” method. This method cures many respiratory disorders, headaches, dizziness and even abdominal pains without eating a single piece of medicine or any chemical substance inside our body.

Ancient Chinese Cupping to fight plethora of ailments

What is Chinese Cupping? As the name suggests it is a Chinese method of treatment. It is one of the oldest methods of treatment, recorded use of cupping dates to early fourth century. Now the techniques have modernised, but the original idea remains the same. In this method a cup made up of plastic, bamboo or even plastic glass is placed on the skin and a vacuum is created by suctioning out the air. That particular area is raised partially into the cup. The purpose of this process is to relieve the stress from that area, improve the blood circulation, help to alleviate pains and also remove heat and pull out toxins that may be causing troubles inside your body. The person may feel a tight sensation on that area but this sensation is usually soothing and very relaxing. Depending on the person’s comfort and after evaluating the ailment the practitioner may move the cups around or leave them at the same place.

This can be said as an inverse of message, where in suction uses pressure to pull skin, tissue and muscles upward, rather than applying pressure on the muscles like during message.

Many use cupping along with acupuncture but it can even be used alone.

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