Rise in Eating Disorders in Older Women

eating disorderFood is one of the most basic necessities of our life. Whatever we do, is to get at least two meals a day. Food is so important for us, then is it possible that the same food can cause problem for someone? Yes it can. If eaten at wrong time and wrong type of food and in inappropriate amount, then the same food can create disorders in our body. This disorder is more prominently seen in older women.

Though all these years there has been talks and discussions about teenage girls and young women worrying about their body shape and figure and how to maintain it well. There was a time when only adolescent and young women were showing signs of eating disorders and anorexia. But times have changed. Anorexia nervosa, bulimia and binge eating is affecting women of all age groups, including older women. A recent study has shown that there are similar issues with women of 50 and over. They also look at them self and their figure and it does affect their way of perceiving their life. They also make an attempt to lose weight and in this race they sometimes take some of the extreme steps, like crash dieting, excessive exercise and workout, diet pills, laxatives, vomiting and some even eat just once a week. These extreme steps are proving to be absolutely unhealthy and instead of doing any good it is affecting their body and mind in a very negative way. These steps are causing many eating disorders in older women.

eating disorder

It is important to understand that everyone likes a good figure but at the same time, it is equally important to understand that our body has needs at certain age. So maintaining a good figure is not bad but doing it in an age appropriate is crucial otherwise it can result adversely.

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