Free Stock Videos

stock-footage-parrot-macaw-blueThe times when video producers or anyone interested in producing such media had to spend thousands of dollars on documentaries and videos are long gone. The fast advance of technology has allowed these professionals to cut the cost of the production without affecting the quality. It is usually very expensive to hire an entire production team that consists of a camera operator, director, sound professional and other professionals. In addition, you would also need to use special equipment which means additional cost.

Video producers today have one very simple and inexpensive solution – the use of free stock video. This solution will also save you time because you don’t need to worry about assembling a group of professionals that will work for you on a certain location, organizations and individuals that provide video stock footage can give you samples from every video genre filmed at different locations around the globe. These stock video providers usually have their own websites where they categorize the stock video footage they have according to the genre, length, media file and other relevant indicators. The only thing that the producer should do is to choose, view, buy and download the video from the comfort of their studio or home. Of course, we say pay in case you are not looking at video stock samples that are not free.

Free stock videos can be used for many purposes. They can be used on more than one project and for projects that have different length. The providers are not interested where and how you will use this footage as long as you are not planning to resale it (which is forbidden).

Back in the days, there are only a small number of stock footage providers and most of them were asking for incredibly high amount of money for the use of their unique content. But, as we said before, the fast advance of technology has allowed people access to high-quality equipment and creation of videos has never been easier.

One of the areas where free stock video has proven to be very helpful is viral video marketing. Viral marketing videos are videos that are designed in a way which encourages people to share them over the Internet. This is a very successful type of marketing. A viral marketing video made with small investment or even without investment (modifying stock videos) can reach thousands and even millions of people. It is no surprise why viral video sites are experiencing such growth these days. People are no longer attracted only on videos that are made by true professionals – they also want to view videos with a good message. If you have the right idea and you can find free stock videos, you can deliver any message you want to people around the globe.


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