Decent and Funny Prank

Pranks are something that everybody enjoys pulling and being pulled at after eventually accepting it. They make memories funny indeed which only makes you laugh out loud whenever you recall them. But for these pranks to turn out funny and endearing planning it properly is very important. Top class and funny pranks are tried and tested everyday. As you can see on youtube recorded practical pranks and jokes have been played on friends and family or just random people in the street. Of course most people do it to earn money from it. For example Vitaly or Romanatwood who are making tons of money by just making 1 viral prank video a month. Vitaly is already a millionaire and has stared in a movie. In this section of the page we’ll explain more about different types of pranks, which you can perform.

Pranks for school and college

School life is fun when you get to play pranks to pull on teachers, fellow students, etc. Air horn pranks for teachers are quiet common where students fix one under the seat of the teacher. It is definitely a classy one which is hilarious yet innocent; thus even when caught, you cannot be detained or guided to the Principal’s office. But make sure that you pull the prank during a week you find your teacher in a happy and bright mood.

College pranks on your friends, roommates, etc are also fun. And these pranks must be carefully planned and executed. Some ideas involve a lot of effort and work from your end but it will be definitely worth it when after all the laughter dies to see the person on whom the prank was pulled at cleaning the mess you left behind. If the prank does not make the person laugh ones he/she has calmed down then, offer help to clean it up an become a total sweet heart. You can also use these messy pranks to get back at people who pulled a prank on you. Fill up their dorm room with pop corn or give a unique paint job to their walls or car using sticky notes. Record messages using voice apps predicting the so called time of death and play it when your friend or relative who is scared of death answers his/her phone.

Come up with your own innovative ideas

Scary pranks are again fun; but make sure that the person does not have any heart problems. Put flour on your friend when he/she is asleep or paint their face funny by marking mustache, horns, etc. It is funny and scary indeed to wake up and look at one’s self in the mirror. Get a mannequin that looks to be real; either cover its face with a scary mask or paint it to look scary and place it next to your sleeping roommate. The reaction when they wake up with scary looking strangers is worth capturing to share funny moments in future. You can also try it with your spouse. Certain car pranks scare you to death and make sure that whatever prank you pull do not turn up negatively where the person gets hurt or ends up hurting you in response. Avoid all life threatening pranks or pranks on main roads where your friends or relatives might run onto oncoming traffic in fear.

Note: Please do not try this at home. This article is only intended to educate the readers about some decent prank ideas. WE DO NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY CAUSE OF THESE PRANKS.